• Stabilization Progress

    The Chapman/ Beverley Mill stabilization project was a unique and valuable undertaking in the field of historic preservation. TTMAC has chosen to preserve the Mill as a ruin site, showcasing the architectural, engineering and historic elements of the building as it stands after the fire of 1998. Cutting-edge technology was used for the structural stabilization of the mill building. An internal anchoring system, developed in Europe for historic masonry buildings, was successfully implemented in Phase I of the project by Cintec America. Completed in May 2004, Phase I included the structural stabilization of the south wall (actually seven stories high and in the worst condition) and corners, lead capping on all upward facing surfaces of the entire building and emergency shoring of all window openings (49 total).


    The engineering for the stabilization of the north, east, and west walls was completed in the spring of 2006. The contractors chosen for this specilaized historic preservation project are experts in their fields. They are Cintec America, Inc. – Structural Anchoring Systems, Conservation Solutions, Inc. – Project Management, Standard Restoration and Waterproofing – Masonry and Scaffold Resource, Inc. – Scaffolding. Phase II stabilization of the last three walls was completed by July 2006.


    Chapman-Beverley Mill is believed to be the tallest stacked stone building in the United States